Our Team

Dr. Alessandra Ross, MD

Dr. Alessandra Ross of Arcata Sports Medicine. Dr. Ross has been a Doctor for the past 13 years before arriving in Humboldt County. She understands her field from a multifaceted perspective as an orthopaedic specialist and as an accomplished athlete. She's had an interesting road to the field of sports medicine, including time spent in the military. Dr. Ross entered the military as a way to give back. During her time in the service, she traveled all over the world, including time spent in Afghanistan and Korea.

She has recently completed a yearlong fellowship with the prestigious Andrews’ Sports Medicine Institute. Dr. Ross was board certified in orthopaedic surgery in 2010, was elected a fellow with the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons in 2011 and was also an AANA traveling fellow in 2012. She completed a six­ year residency at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and graduated from Georgetown Medical School.

Alessandra Ross, MD is a war veteran having served in a forward based combat surgical unit in Afghanistan. She has been awarded a NATO service medal as well as four U.S. Army commendation medals. Moreover, Dr. Ross placed fifth in the Women’s 800m at the U. S. Olympic Trials in 2000 while running in the Army’s World Class Athlete Program. While on a Georgetown track scholarship, she held several school records, set an NCAA record and won a national relay championship while achieving Division I All American status five times. Her athletic talents have been featured in articles in Sports Illustrated for Women. As an avid athlete, the sports medicine field allows Dr. Ross to remain involved in athletics.

Dr. Alessandra Ross and her staff will team up to treat injured individuals of various ages, persons with active lifestyles, and athletes of all sports.

Marja Hale

Marja Hale has been working as a nurse since her graduation from Dawson College in Montreal Canada with a degree in Nursing in 1985. While working as a Nurse she earned her Bachelor of Commerce from McGill University, graduating in 1998. Most recently she is a 2013 Graduate of the University of California, San Francisco, earning her Masters of Science in Nursing and is now a Certified Adult Nurse practitioner with a sub­specialty in Occupation Health.

During her career, she has worked at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal, Duke University Medical Center, Johns Hopkins University Hospital, Stanford University Medical Center and most recently in the Neurological ICU at UCSF Medical Center.

Marja was born in Finland, moved to Canada as a child and has been living in the United States since 1998. She is fluent in Finish, French and English. She currently resides in Trinidad with her husband, their two dogs and a cat

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